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Monday, February 17, 2020

About Paris Preschool


Contact Information:
Paris Preschool
301 West 7th Street
Paris, KY 40361
Phone: (859)987-9127 

Staff Hours are Monday-Friday 7:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Students do not attend classes on Fridays


Program Overview
Paris Preschool Center is conveniently located on the corner of West 7th and Henderson across from the high school.  We offer small class sizes and this allows us to plan and meet each child’s need individually to ensure their preschool success. 

Studies have shown that children learn through play, we want to make their environment as much fun as possible.  Our classes offer a brand new curriculum this year that your child will be sure to enjoy.  Each week our class has a learning theme that teaches about our world.  Our first theme is Welcome To School, this relates to their experience in Preschool, learning the rules, schedule and getting familiar with their classroom.  Other themes we will have throughout the year include My Family/My Community, My Five Senses, Different Seasons, Construction Zone and many more. 

Our center time is a time for the children to play, explore and use their imagination to learn.  Each child has opportunities every day to participate in these centers.  I am sure you will hear about them at home and the great fun they offer. 

Science * Dramatic Play * Art * Library * Math/Manipulatives * Block * Computers 

In our Preschool room, adults will always be expected to model positive behavior. 

For disruptive problems, I will always talk to your child to hear the problem.  In our classroom, we will use the “Traffic Sign Approach”. 

Each child will have their clip on Go (Green) at the start of the day, if a behavior has occurred they will first be given a verbal encouragement. 

If the behavior continues, their clip will move to Slow Down (Yellow) meaning that an adult will encourage them to slow down and think about their actions. 

If the behavior still continues their clip will be moved to Rest Stop (Red) meaning that they will basically take a rest with one of the teachers.  This is a chance for the child to calm down and think about what is going on, they will never stay there for  longer then three to five minutes and if it doesn’t work they will not be forced. 

If a behavior becomes frequent you will be notified and a meeting will be scheduled to determine other strategies to support them.

Please let us know if there are prescribed medications that your child is taking and need during school hours.  This will help us be more aware of any situation that may arise as well as have plans with our school nurse to be involved to make decisions of treatment.

Bringing items from home
Due to a child’s possessions being lost or broken, they will not be allowed to bring in toys or games from home unless it is a special occasion such as show and tell.  I will let you know when this special occasion may be.

Drop Off and Pick Up
If you choose to transport your child to school we ask that you please try to arrive on time due to the importance of your child keeping a schedule.   Entrance to our classroom can be accessed by either the front or back door although our parking is at our back entrance.  To ensure your child’s safety the door will be locked at all times but there is a door bell for you to use.  Each child must be escorted by you to our door to ensure their safety.  Each person that picks up your child must be listed on our school pick up list, you are required to send a letter to let us know when this occurs.

Dress Code
Preschool students are required to be in
dress code.

Please refer to the 
Student Handbook for a more detailed list on these policies and others.